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We at Pertho Engineers is a growing company of  DCDB/ACDB, LT Panels that are designed according to the specs of the consumer from telecommunications & other sectors. These panels are full constructs with called for circuitry and also harnessing that reduces on website setup time. Made utilizing quality raw material, our DCDB/ACDB, LT Panel is primarily made use of in both interior and also exterior application as much as any kind of rating relying on the website needs. These LT panels are commonly demanded in the industry as these are not only straightforward yet also need minimal maintenance. These panels can be 19″ rack or 21″ rack wall surface placed as well as are made use of in outside and also indoor application.

DCDB/ ACDB are being made use of in Telecom Projects, Indus Towers. We likewise provide services of:

  • Bus Bar Boxes/ Joint Boxes
  • SFU Boxes
  • Meter Boxes


The DC Circulation Box is used to supply versatility for the operator of the solar energy plant to disconnect and also link both the inward solar supply and battery terminals. Here an MCCB and also a fuse of correct rating depending upon the capacity of the nuclear power plant and the battery bank are used.
In the DCDB we have 2 sections one is the solar section and the other is the battery area.
DCDB Panel repairing company in Delhi NCR
Solar Area/ Battery Section
In solar section the inbound terminals from the MJB are fed to the input adapters as well as the conduction path happens through the MCB as well as a HRC Fuse of appropriate ranking chosen based on the system ability and the panel made use of in the power plant. The exact same is provided for the inbound terminals from the battery bank.

Monitoring Section of DCDB
The DCDB is offered with an electronic Ampere Hour meter to observe the charging/discharging currents of the battery i.e. Ah of the Battery.
This meter is meant to function only on the Air Conditioning exterior supply from the ACDB feeder.

ACDB Panel repairing company in Delhi NCR
The ACDB box is made from epoxy powder layered metal casting. Three feeders are supplied in ACDB with MCB of Called for capability installed at each feeder in the ACDB.
One Electronic Energy Meter, ISI make, is provided in ACDB to determine the consumption of power from SPV Power Plant.
A different committed feeder from conventional line to PCU as well as ACDB is additionally given.
A different adjustment over button of required capability is offered in the ACDB to isolate the existing connected tons from the planetary system & button it over to the existing convention power (Keys), in instance of emergency.